Berlin The most amazing city for Toddlers


If anybody Thinks city Trips are boring for Toddlers well Think again. I just came back from Berlin and I must say Berlin is ‘The most amazing city ever’. Nevertheless I do not understand yet much about its history I found out a long wall once divided Berlin in east and west.

Today a part of The Berlin wall still stands and is called ‘The east side gallery’. This part of The wall has been painted by over 100 artists from 21 countries. When you are standing There it is not hard To imagine the guards, electrical fences, wath Towers and The minefields that were once behind it!  I was very proud To pose in front of some of The famous artworks and even prouder when my mum bought me an original stone of That very same wall. At This stage of my live I collect all sorts of little stones in my pockets, so my mums present is a valuable addition to my collection. I reached The wall by S Bahn, a kind of metro alike Train That gets you anywhere in The city. However you can go anywhere by foot, I was thrilled To discover more of Berlin on wheels, by U bahn, Tram and by bus. People were looking very funny when I shared my enthusiasm while riding on one of Those wheely Things, but well what can I say I just can’t help it.


Nothing says Berlin like The Brandenburg Gate, The impressive 18th century gate is Topped with Nike, The sport shoe lady, who is also The goddes of victory. Visit The Brandenburg Gate at sunset and you will have a fantastic view. Did you know U2 gave a free concert at the gate for 20st anniversery of the falling of The Berlin Wall? I was not There but my mum and dad were!


You are leaving The American Sector! Checkpoint Charlie, The famous crossing point between east and west Berlin Tells The story of The cold war.  Do as i did and meet with The officers.

The Brandenburg Gate and checkpoint Charlie are great but the real highlight of Berlin is without any doubt The Fernsehturm. An elevator takes you 203 meter high To reach The sphere where you can look over The city landscape as far as The eye can see. From The Fernsehturm, Berlin looks like The ultimate minuature city. We even had lunch at 203 meter in The rotating restaurant…and if I remember it correctly I ate pasta with pesto, well yeah I always eat pasta with pesto if I get The chance.


At The foot of The Fernsehturm you will find Little Big City, a great museum for young and old which guides you Through The city’s history from The middle ages till date. My daddy showed me The Berliner luftbrücke and Told me about The Kristallnacht. All very interesting but me, I was again more into Trains, what a surprise!

Also a visit worth is lego land, located at The Sony Centre, Potsdammer Platz. It’s not as big as The one in Denmark, but The play areas are a welcome break during sightseeing. At legoland I met with dino’s, dragons and SpongeBob. My dad and I build a race car which we tested on The circuit. Luckily my dad is a better car driver than a constructor, the self made car crashed very quickly even after 5 attempts. If you want you can Take The factory Tour To see how bricks are made!


Looking for more playareas or into reading poems while paddling on The water check out Tiergarten park. Right in The middle of The park The siegessäule is waiting for you. Climb To The Top while counting The stairs in German.

In 1963 The American president JFK visited Berlin and gave his famous speech near The Berlin wall. In his speach he stated ‘ Ich bin ein Berliner’. Actually a Berliner is a kind of Donut filled with jam and covered with sugar. Probably it was not in his intention To compare himself with a donut. Nevertheless like all other big and famous cities, Berlin has great places To grab some food. I even had my first sushi experience in Berlin, including eating with sticks. What shall I Tell about it, well I need To practice some more if I do not want To leave The table hungry. For a Toddler an orginal Berliner würst is safer option…or an icecream at The Sony Centre.

I am not what you call a shopping fanatic, however shopping in Berlin can be quite exiting so I made an exception. Great shops are:

  • Lego Store To complete your easy To build cars collection
  • Dussmann, 2nd Floor, childrens books where There is a great play and snooze area
  • Levy’s Contor Berlin, great spot To score some amazing Travel Toys
  • One of The Ampelmann shops where I could convince one of The lovely ladies To give me free candy and a balloon

Talking about The Ampelman, did you know when you see an Ampelman Traffic light, you can be 100% sure you are in East Berlin?


Like always lots of Thing To do and Too little Time. A good reason To come back To The city of bears.

Other great activities to do:

  • Visit The pandas in The Berlin Zoo, The oldest zoo of Europe
  • Dive into The SeaLife Centre and The Aquadom
  • Go kiting on The runways of the historic airport Tempelhof
  • Play hide and seek at The jewish memorial
  • Running around in The reichstag

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