Holiday Story Telling

imageDo you know how I know That I will soon go on holidays without my parents Telling me? Well each night before going to bed we have the Tradition To read a bedtime story. If Travel is upcoming special Travel books magically appear at least a week before The big day.

I love Those stories and it reminds me each time that:

  • Packing my suitcase is very important, do not forget Mister Rabbit
  • I will meet new friends and see lots of interesting things
  • Patience is needed as the way to our destination can de quite long
  • Sending postcards to friends and family is a must
  • You can buy icecream in many countries and it is more likely to get some when my mum and dad are in holiday modus

Somethimes my mum Tells an interactive story. Then I can not just lay back and listen. Oh no, when This happens I have to answer lot’s of questions.

My most favorite story is ‘Heksje Mimi op vakantie’ or translated ‘Little witch Mimi goes on holidays’. Mimi is a little witch who has a lot of friends. All together they go on holiday to the sea. But what do they have to bring along? And how will they entertain themselfs during the ride? Is there a potty on the bus in case one of them needs to pee? When they finally arrive they have a lot of fun, playing in the water, making sand castles and eating icecream…lots of icecream.


So far, most of my holiday books are in Dutch but if you prefer English I can recommend the The meerkat mail or Peppa Pig, Peppa goes on Holiday. The meerkat mail is about an adventurous young meerkat, Sunny, who Travels The world. He lives with his enormous family in The Kalahari dessert. They are all very close…so close, in fact That one day Sunny decides it’s just Too crowded and packs his bags. Peppa goes on holiday Tells The story about Peppa and her family on Their first holiday abroad. They pack Their suitcases and fly all The way To Italy, where They eat pizza and go sightseeing.


If you prefer books in other languages, ask your parents To google around, I am sure They’ll find something!

When we are traveling we also spend some Time on story Telling. My mum shows me pictures and reads stories out of The guides for kids That she brought along.









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