Summer Festival Survival Kit

IMG_4770Hippee Ya Ye, my first festival is coming up soon. I got lucky, as my parents decided To take me along to The Jazz Middelheim Festival instead of dropping me of at my babysitters house. You know my babysitter is really nice and we do lots of funny activities Together, but going to a festival is so much more exiting. The Middelheim Jazz Festival is an adsolute must do if you like music…and I definitely like music. A first experience, so a first Time to pack.

Of course The first items on my list are Toys Toys Toys for boys. Toys That are small enough To fit in my back pack so I can bring plenty. Toys which are of course festival proof:

  • Magnet book. This is my favorite
  • Sticker book, in case I get bored of my magnet book
  • Little blue friends
  • Bouncing ball with flashy lights inside
  • Pocket puzzels
  • Haba Travel games and
  • Balloons

I am well informed about The festival culture, I know adults drink alcohol on festivals and due To That see Things with different eyes. Well I am not yet allowed To drink, but I don’t want To miss all the fun. So, I have decided To bring my kaleidoscope along. Fun guaranteed and no pink elephants in The room afterwards.


Next on The list is dress To impress. The forecast is pretty good, but This is Belgium, so I will be prepared bringing my raincoat. For each day a short and long sleeve T-shirt, comfy light legging, short and a jacket.

I have high hopes That The sun will also be at The party, but This means UV protection is mandatory. Sunscreen – check, UV hat – check, Sunglases – check.


About protection, I got These really cool new earmuffs from Em’s 4 kids and some random earplugs (less exited about Those). My mum says I look like a real helicopter pilot when I wear Them. Without any doubt my ears will be covered!


When I was little I was not particularly fond of grass. That phase has passed, but know I have a similar feeling about little incects. That’s why I do not go anywhere with my new best friends, The musquito stickers. Funny little animals who protect me with their lives. If The box is empty I store little candy in it.


Talking about food. Little T has To eat, also on a festival and definitely on a festival. The Middelheim Jazz festival has amazing food Trucks, but I like To play safe. I have a little stash, if needed I can survive a whole weekend on it:

  • Ella’s kitchen, biological fruit drinks. Mango and coconut are my favorites and very ‘festivalish’
  • Ella’s kitchen smikkelvingers, the best oatmeal bars ever
  • An appel and a banana
  • Lots of raisins


It doens’t matter what The weather conditions will be, it is important that I drink enough water. That’s The reason I can’t go anywhere without my camelback water bottle. The icebears will keep my water cool wherever I go. No, just joking I have a Thermo cover That does The Task very well. Nobody wants To end up with boiling water if The sun decides To say hallo! Also it is BPA free, no Toxic chemicals for me.


Safety is very important. Nobody wants to get lost or hurt but if it does happen you want to be prepared. My ‘never get lost’ Gruffalo bracelet is a welcome gadget Together with some light reflectors. Disinfection spray and some bandages will come in handy if Things go wrong. In addition I will bring some compact towels along, as They can be used as a blanket To sit on or as a extra cover when it gets cold at night.


I hope This was helpfull for all my fellow festival addicts.


Little T

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