Going Jazzy in Antwerp

In Belgium Summer equals festivals. So Music Maestro! The contrabas, The guitar, The piano, The drumms and The SAX I have met Them all In a beautiful park located in Antwerp. The atmosphere was magical and I had The chance To meet artists from all over The world, even from New York.

I Thought my parents were really fancy, Taking me To a festival. The reality is That going To a festival with your kids is not such a crazy Thing To do anymore. Spotted a lot of kids my age and even younger.

First Thing To do on arrival was setting up a cozy base camp. My mum spotted a nice place but Then decided it was To close To a pond, which appears To be unsafe for kids my age. Very dissapointing as There were so many cute ducks To run after, sitting at The edge of The water. A little bit further we found The right place. Our spot affored us great view on The main stage and was far enough so I didn’t need To wear my earmuffs all The time. Now The unpacking could begin. My dad brought The most coolest festival product of The summer, The lamzac made by fatboy. Its basically a small bag That you can bring along, inflate and in which you can chill as a king. There is only one Tricky part, To inflate The lamzac you need wind. Considering The wind was quiet, I had an amusing moment seeing my dad running in all directions To catch some air. Other people had a great laugh as well. Once it was ready we were quite The hit. We surely know how To draw some attention.

Together with some blankets it made a very good base camp.

Then it was picture Time. Not that I liked it, but I know The drill by now. As I am very prone of wandering around The risk for my parents To have a lost child is quite high. In case I would get lost, my mum can show This picture To the crew and other people. They would have a good idea of The clothes that I was wearing, so very hard to play incognito. After I received my safety Gruffalo wristband, I was ready to go.

The festival was great family time, playing all sorts of games, making puzzles while enjoying some of The best jazz artists. The Toys I had packed in the days before The festival turned out To be a good choice. Like always I was a great fan of my magnet and sticker book. The bouncing ball was great To throw at people, but that game didn’t last very long. After some angry looks from my mum I could distribute some appologies.

Music from all over The world screams food from all over The world. I followed my nose in The direction of The foodtrucks. There were many delicious options To choose from. I went for The nachos and Tacos because I always like To spice up Things a bit. Very yummie! After my belly was full I took another walk. Well hello icecream van, I Think I will pay you a visit when I am getting hungry again!

The ladies and gents at The cocktail and gin bar smiled very nicely at me. Unfortunately I could not convince Them to sell me any thing else but water. Afterwards I found out Peter Rabbit got a gin Tonic which I considered To be Totally unfair. Luckily I had my kaleidoscope with me. It provided me with some crazy views nevertheless only drinking water. Next stop was The Duvel bar, where They sold my dads favorite beer. My dad got a free Duvel I got a stamp. Good enough for me and so proud I could show of with it.

After eating and drinking it was Time to relax a bit. Not very long as I heard a great beat That I wanted To follow. People were dancing while I tried To make my way To the stage with my new earmuffs on. Music at festivals can be quite loud so good earmuffs are a excellent investment. Finally There we stood as a family, united in our love of music, watching The band with a big smile my face.

After a while The sun went off To bed while The moon came To say hallo. As any other Toddler I have boundless energy, but not The same staying power as my parents. Time To call it a night. Can somebody put up The do not disburb sign on my stroller please? When I am Tired I can nap anywhere.

The next day we woke up in The hotel and did it all over again. This time The festival was more crowed and we had To defend base camp with everything we had in our power. Van Morrison was on The agenda as closing act on The main stage, so you can imagine all tickets were sold out and people were going crazy to see him up close…adults.


All good Things must come To an end, but a festival holiday would not be complete without bringing home a festival souvenir. Check out my festival wrist band, the ultimate proof that I have been There.

You also want To go ‘festivalish’? Read my blog on Summer Festival Survival Kit on how To get in shape and what essentials To bring with you. As This was my first festival, I saw some awesome stuff That I did not put on my list, but definitely will Take next Time:

  • waterproof ponchos, so evident but so easily forgotten
  • a flag To install at base camp, To find my way back
  • glow sticks as I like flashy Things
  • led balloons

Have a great Time at your next festival.


Little T



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