Spooky Halloween celebration in Manhattan

I was very fortunate To be in New York during The Halloween festivities. Although The Trick with little Toddlers is To find great but not Too spooky events, There is much To choose from in The big Apple. I learned that New York really knows how to celebrate Halloween, no matter what your age is. Of course during Halloween you should dress To impress because There is no Halloween without a scary costume. Make one yourself, it’s easier Than you Think, or visit one of The famous Spirit Halloween pop – up stores To get your perfect nightmare costume.

Here are my top picks for a splendid Halloween:

New York Trick or Treat in Greenwich Village

Take a look at some beautiful haunted houses, while going for a Trick or Treat Throughout The community with local families. There are many great neighbourhoods in New York where a child friendly Trick or Treat is organised on The evening of Halloween. We choose to visit Greenwich Village, as is was close To The Greenwich Halloween parade. To scoop The candy There was only one condition, you have To wear a scary costume. I actually couldn’t figure out which character The creation of my mom represented, she wrapped me in a purple scarf and gave my a black cat, but I can assure you That it was a big success.

Due To The success of my costume, I received free candy as far as The eye could see. My eyes didn’t only spot The candy but also another little black cat, Charlotte The spider and Superman!

The Greenwich Halloween Parade

This Halloween event started years ago as a cosy community parade, but nowadays hundreds of puppets, dancers and artists come Together on Halloween night To participate in The famous Greenwich Halloween parade. The parade isn’t known in particular as child friendly, as The music and The costumes could scare The younger ones. This being said I was There and I was not scared at all. Of course I didn’t watch the parade from The front row, which made it probably less scary. My favorite act was The facing skeletons, but also the face paintings were amazingly done. Sometimes it felt like I ended up in a real fairytale. Oh and I spotted many fellow Toddlers, so I was not The only minor having fun at The parade.

Halloween dinner

Even if you have The best Time of your life, at a certain moment is it time for a little (food)break. As lot’s of restaurants are very nicely decorated for Halloween night and waiters are dressed up for it, it would be a shame To choose for a in-house diner. Go out, pick a restaurant closely located To some great Halloween activities and enjoy a spooky dinner, while The night is getting darker and darker.

But Halloween doesn’t just take place on October 31. In New York the month of October is filled with numerous Halloween events and parades, leading up to the big spooky night. In New York There are so many celebrations, that choosing is always loosing.

Pumpkin spectacular on Governors Island

Stroll through a garden of thousands of scary pumpkins while looking deep into their glowing eyes. Scary? Yes. Fun for little kidd? Yes yes and yes. All the pumpkins of the jack o’lantern trail are carved by real artists. For this spooky adventure you’ll depart by ferry to Governors Island.


Halloween in Central Park

Celebrate Halloween in Central Park by getting creative yourself. I was already big into pumpkin soup, but I learned from my mom That you can do much more with These delicious Treats from mother nature. Get a pumpkin, carve it and bring in To The designated drop – off area, where They will put it on a floating device. At twilight all The pumpkins are released onto The Harlem lake and become New York’s largest pumpkin flotilla. But There is more, much more To do in Central park during Halloween season. Make yourself ready for The Halloween costume parade and enjoy some of The spooky story Telling moments. Unfortunately The floating of The pumpkins was cancelled in 2017 due To severe weather prediction. Sad, but one more reason To return To New York one day To celebrate Halloween once more.

Halloween at one of The famous New York Zoo’s

The animal kingdom also has The right To participate in This big party. That’s why during The Halloween season, the NY zoo’s are nicely decorated and numerous spooky events Take place. Is doesn’t matter if you visit The Bronx Zoo or one of The smaller ones, They all host child friendly events, from pumpkin carving till scary face painting sessions.3F4DF6CD-C000-484A-878E-8D862530120E

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