Happy 2018, may your Travel plans be great

2017 Has been an amazing year. It’s The year I have been speeding up Travelling and started writing a Travel blog, yes exactly This blog. The year I discovered amazing places and met great people.

In 2017 I also started with school, which gave me lots of opportunities To share my endeavours with my classmates and Teachers. I gave a little expose about Berlin and The fernsehturn. Everybody loved it! Sharing is caring.

I also learned how To ski, during my 2 weeks ski Trip in Gerlos, Austria. I will never forget My favorite ski instructor, Jules, who had a lot of patience. This was an awesome start of The year. I hope when I will be back in a couple of days for our annual ski Trip, she will still be There. fullsizeoutput_9e48

In february 2017 we visited Utrecht and The Mifi museum. The Mifi museum is a great place for The little ones To discover The world, everything is made for Their size.  fullsizeoutput_14c3

I visited Italy Twice, first a road Trip To beautiful Pescara for Eastern, followed by a return Trip To The lake of Como a few weeks after, just because we couldn’t get enough of This amazing country. fullsizeoutput_1208

We consider Italy a little bit as our second home, as we have good friends living over There who are always into a meet and greet.  Unfortunately Nespresso George was not at home so my planned playdate with The Twins fell into The water – shame on you George. Can you see how disappointed I am?img_4787

The smalest country I visited was San Marino and is only 61 sq meters big. Yes it is a real country and defenitely worth visiting. This microstate is one of the world oldest republics and known for its capital with its medieval walled old Town and narrow cobblestone streets.fullsizeoutput_131d

Next stop was Switzerland. Did you know in Switzerland you could ride a cabrio cabelcar? Neighter did I before my trip. Breathing The fresh air while going up The mountain waiving To The rest of The world. fullsizeoutput_b41

In colmar I found out That I owned my own shop, what a surprise. fullsizeoutput_e8d

Because I liked Gerlos so much, we were in for a return Trip in June, but without The snow. At least That’s what I Thought. Little did I know Then about glaciers. Now I know everything. Meet my family on Top of The Hintertux glacier. On Top of That piece of The world I decided To start sharing my experiences with fellow Toddlers and Their families and so This blog was born.fullsizeoutput_706

My city Trip To Berlin, The city of The bears, was one of The highlights of 2017. I was totally blown away by its history. Visiting The berlin wall was already a Treat but The fernsehturn was The real eye candy. Still trying To convince mom and dad To go on a return Trip in 2018.fullsizeoutput_441

In 2017 I was able To scratch Disneyland Paris from my bucket list as well, as we visited The wonders of Disney Three days during the Halloween season. We stayed at The newly renovated New Port Bay hotel. Since Then Mickey has a new fan!fullsizeoutput_a341

Also during Halloween season, we headed of To New York. What an amazing and Toddler friendly city. Lot’s of things To do and even a week wasn’t enough To exeprience it all. A good reason To go back, if you ask me.img_2904

As all other years, Some London Christmas shopping was on The program. Fine by me. Usually I don’t like shopping, but in London I gladly make an exception, as Santa is always around The corner.img_2059

Wintermagic 2017 started at Kew This year. A great way To experience The botanical gardens. I have never seen such a beautiful light and sound show.img_5362

There is no winter, whithout a visit to The winterefteling. Something Totally different Than Dinseyland Paris, but The magic is no less. I was very fortunate To stay at The Efetling Hotel, in one of Their Themed suites. Thank you mom and dad.img_7564

Lucky as I am, I do not always have To Travel far To get a lot of excitement. I live close To The beach, so I had a lot of fun being Tourist in my own country. There is no place like home, especially not when we are Talking about food.img_6884

In 2017, I also started up my instagram account. Almost 100 pictures were posted, The picture awared with The most likes was a recent shot of my Family during a Northern Light chase in The north of Norway. Very cool stuff if you ask me.


I am writing This blog post from Tromsø, where I celebrated New Year a few days ago. We visited reindeer camps, did some dog sledding and had lots of dinners with The Sami, in Their Traditional Lavvu Tents. And if you Think it can’t get any better, well it can with a visit To an ice hotel. This was a True magical experience. img_3828

Keep posted and follow me on my next adventures To Austria (once again), Copenhagen, Australia and Tasmania.

Happy New Year, I wish you a year full of new and exiting adventures.dsc06885


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