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img_0686Yes, it’s cliché but Toddlers love cable cars. Well, we all know what regular cable cars look like, but did you ever see a double decker Cable car with an open upper viewing deck? Well I did find one high in The Swiss alps, at The mighty Mount Stanserhorn. Sounds already less cliché doesn’t it? Disembark on This exceptional experience as, There’s nothing like The windy feeling of standing on The upper deck of The gondola.

CabriO is The world’s first cable car with a roofless upper deck. It brings you in a little bit more That 6 minutes To The Top of The mountain To enjoy The blue sky and a fantastic 360° panorama.

The old cog wheel Train

The journey To the 1,900-meter high summit of The Stanserhorn also involves somewhat of a Time-jump. The Train station in Stans is charmingly old-school and before visitors get To The Top-modern cable car, They ride from Stans To The station in Kälti on a wooden vintage funicular from The 19th century. Its vehicles adorned with frosted glass and curtains. As such my adventure started when I boarded This old Time historical funicular Train.

I enjoyed The slow ride as we passed Through The beautiful Swiss countryside. In The background I could hear Typical Swiss cowbells. When I arrive at Kälti, I was Transferred To The world’s first aerial cable car CabriO.


The ride To The Top is fairly quick and offers, as you could already guess, amazing views all The way To The lake of Luzern. The small village of Stans and The lakes grow smaller as The gondola makes its way To The Top. I found The gondola very spacious and safe for little children. The spiral staircase at The first level Takes you To The upper viewing platform, The platform where you need To be for The real CabriO experience. Being at That level, I felt like I was flying Through The sky. The unimpaired view from The roofless upper deck of The gondola is Truly memorable.

If you a afraid of heights you can stay inside, The wall To wall windows still give you a great view.

At The Top

The most spectacular cable car ride in The world brings you Till 1900 above sea level.

Once at The Top, I had To walk a bit further To reach The summit, where I could see almost all The way To Germany.

If you are in a walking mood, Mount Stanserhorn is The perfect mountain for hiking at all levels. You can choose between many walks ranging from 15 minutes To over 4 hours. It offers everyone The possibility To pick The appropriate hike, which is great if you are Travelling with young children like me. Note That none of The hikes is stroller friendly, so bring a completely foldable stroller with you or even better a baby/Toddler carrier.

During my short hike I enjoyed beautiful views over Stans, The valley of Engelberg and The canton of Obwalden. On a clear day you will even have The chance of spotting hang gliders circling The mountain.

The mountain also offers guests multiple viewing decks, where you can enjoy an unrestricted panorama of over 100 km of alpine range and 10 Swiss lakes. I found The construction of some of The platform as stunning as The views over The area. They are The perfect place for Taking amazing selfies. Again The viewing platforms are very safe even for little kids.

Spot The Marmots. There is some amazing little wildlife at The Top. If you are lucky and They are not in Their shy mood, They will definite say hello.

In case you feel a bit hungry or Thirsty you have different options, from Romdorama, a more up scale self service rotating restaurant, build in a start shaped ground plan Till excellent barbecue facilities outside. There is also an excellent outdoor seating are, which I enjoyed a lot.

On Sunday’s There is live entertainment. I had the chance To enjoy a great Swiss alphorn concert.

Some Tips

  • To avoid queuing, it is best is To buy a Timed boarding pass online.
  • At 2000 meter above see level it can be chill, dress in layers To be prepared for cold and warm weather, as The weather can change very fast.
  • Mount Stanserhorn has webcams on The Top, so check The weather up front.
  • The water on Top Tastes very good and is The purest of pure water. Don’t forget To fill up your water bottles before you head down.
  • Mountains paths are mostly steep, narrow, partially exposed and not very Toddler friendly. Solid shoes with slip-proof soles are necessary and a baby carrier for The youngest ones.
  • A hiking map can be downloaded from The CabriO’s website

So if you are ever in The great area of Luzern, don’t forget To visit This amazing Place and be prepared to be amazed!


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