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img_6708Copenhagen is a great place for kids and I can honestly say I am a bit jealous of The kids living in This amazing city. One of The eye catchers of The city is Tivoli park, a True heaven for kids young and old and a must do on your Copenhagen bucket list.

Explanation about The park

Tivoli is The world’s oldest amusement park and opened its doors for The first Time in 1843. Since Then it is not only a Theme park with rides, an award-winning garden or a concert hall, it is above all a meeting place for The locals. I heard Hans Christian Andersen visited The park lots of Times.

If you stroll around The park you immediately notice That This park has some special magic, something you have never experienced before. I can Truly say Tivoli Gardens is not like any other amusement park I have ever visited.

The most dominant building of The Gardens is without any doubt The Nimb Hotel. This impressive 5 star Moorish style palace creates a 1001 night atmosphere in The middle Tivoli Garden’s. Nimb is known for its classic high Tea, Sunday brunch and its very expensive room rate. I know where Disney got its inspiration!img_6871

Of course There is much more Than just The Nimb hotel, as least as spectacular is The Chinese part of The gardens with its beautiful pagoda and The Tivoli fairy lake.

What to do

In Tivoli There is something for everybody, from shopping, amazing ponds, good food till exiting rides for all ages. In addition interesting events are going on throughout The park all day.

The rides

I was pleasantly surprised There were so many Toddler friendly rides in This park. Although due To my age I still needed To be accompanied by one of my parents on most of The rides. in addition all The rides were beautifully maintained and supervised by friendly and above all helpful staff members.

Here are some rides you should not miss for The youngest:

  • The classic carousel
  • The ferris wheel
  • Vintage cars
  • The Trolley car
  • The little dragon

For brave Toddlers who are fond of exploring There are more exiting rides such as:

  • The Odin express
  • The roller coaster
  • The astronomer
  • The flying Trunk
  • The dragon boats
  • The lighthouse
  • The mine
  • The galley ships
  • The caravan

The old wooden rollercoaster, which is even over 100 years old, is definitely everyone’s favorite. Although some of The other rollercoasters are also really worth a try. For example after going 5 Times on The Odin Express. my mom and dad needed To drag me out of it.

Queuing wasn’t an issue when I visited. Of course it was still very early in spring, although I have The impression waiting lines will be much shorter Than in other Theme parks, even in peak season.

👍 My Tip: rides are not automatically included in your Ticket price and They have various options To buy packages of ride Tickets. We choose The unlimited ride Ticket on which The child could go on unlimited rides, accompanied by always one parent.


It wouldn’t be Denmark without an amazing playground in The park. Based on Rasmus Klumps world, a famous Danish cartoon. This playground is full of surprises like music instruments and escape routes, which provides kids and adults a great break from The main attractions. Be aware This fantastic place could be easily missed as it in The back corner of The park.

In addition To The playground you will find some fluffy friends close To The classic carousel.

👍 My Tip: kids Tend To get beyond exited in parks like Tivoli gardens. Let Them get loose of all Their adrenaline on The playground at The end of your visit. It will help Them To calm down a bit.

Places to eat

With more Than 40 restaurants and food stands I had a great choice between some lovely restaurants. Although it is not The cheapest place in The city To still your hunger, it is still ok, Taking into consideration The location. Many of The restaurants had an outdoor (heated) seating area, which made it all very cosy.

Mom and dad choose To have dinner in Grøften, which is The oldest restaurant in The Theme park. Offering a great children’s menu, I adored This place. The pasta with meat sauce is an absolute must for The kids and coloring material comes right up as soon as you are settled at your Table. Another great option is Pirateriet, where you can dress up as a real pirate. The restaurant is located in a 100 Ton replica of a Danish frigate floating on Tivoli’s lake. We didn’t visit This place as lately They have received rather negative reviews, but It looks like a really cool place for The kids.

👍 My Tip: In case you want To bring your own food, picnic places are available. On colder day you can gather around a cosy fireplace To eat your home-made meal.

Some practical information

  • Stay at least until dawn as shortly before closing Time The park will change into a mythical wonderland scene, as all The after dark illuminations will come on. This is The moment when The gardens become real eye candy.
  • Watch The amazing light show, while you listen To some classical music in The background. Every Saturday evening you are invited To This firework spectacle in The garden.
  • The entire park is stroller friendly and you can rent one of The park in case you did nog bring your own. These are payable extra.
  • Baby and Toddler change facilities are provided and clearly indicated on the parks map.

Final notes

My Trip To Tivoli was a day spent in a magic fairy Tale land, The park is an absolute must do even it you are not so much into The rides and due To its unique charm, I Think even my grandpa and grandma would love it here. As you could have already guessed, I had The Time of my life and although spring did not yet kick in by The Time I visited, The gardens were just stunning. I hope you get The chance To visit Them one day.

As always Thanks for reading!


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