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img_4651If I was not yet an art lover before, I definitely became one after visiting Field of Light at Uluru, which was created by The British artist Bruce Munro back in 2016. The incredible light installation, made out of more Than 50000 coloured spheres and hand crafted stems Turn Uluru into a fairy land The moment The dark starts To fall. There is no better way To introduce children To art and To The cultural significance of Uluru at The same Time.

The exhibition is actually named Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku, which means looking at lots of beautiful lights and covers The size of nine football fields. Well I can not agree more with The Title of This masterpiece, as The darkness fell I saw The magic coloured glass bulbs come gradually To life. As soon as it was completely dark I started wandering Through a magic world on one of The remotest places on The planet. The colour of The spheres change every few minutes and depending on The colour I could imagine myself walking Through a magic field of poppies, Though breathtaking blue water streams, There was no end To my imagination. A True once in a life Time experience if you ask me.

The walking Trails are easy, suitable for all ages and you can choose between a long or a short walk. Just note That strollers are not allowed, so it is best To Take a baby carrier with you in case you are Travelling with very young children. Due To The darkness It was very easy for me To play hide and seek without my parents finding me instantly. I can only imagine how frustrating This must have been for Them, as no parent wants To loose his of her Three year old somewhere in The middle of Australia’s red centre.


If you are out visiting Field of Light at a beautiful clear night, under The moon and starts, The artwork gets an amazing expanse. Look up To The stars and see how They Touch The lighting installation at The horizon. It is hard not To be deeply moved by This extraordinary experience.


What makes it even more extraordinary is That The artwork is illuminated entirely Through solar power. Of course in The outback of Australia There is plenty of sun during The day To keep such an installation illuminated from dusk Till dawn. So why not making use of it?

Very important To know is That you cannot just drive To The location and visit it by yourself, you must pre book one of The Tours. In addition you can not participate in all Field of Light Tours when you are under 9 years old and it was even more limited when you did not yet reach The age of 4, which was The case for me. The only option as a 3 year old was Taking The basic Field of Light pass, which is basically a self guided walk Through The artwork after sunset or in The early morning.

Although it is exactly The same artwork, visiting The Field of Light at sunrise is a completely different experience. You start your Tour from a ideally located viewing platform, from which you have a complete overview of The installation. This was also an excellent photo opportunity. During The morning Tour I also had The chance To walk Through The field of light, but This Time I could watch how The artwork started catching glimpses of natural light, while The dessert awoke.

When The light spheres were out of business, I went back To The viewing platform To watch The majestic sunrise over Uluru as The colours in The sky and of The rock changed very quickly.  Complimentary colocate milk and cookies were very much appreciated.

If you are struggling To choose between The night or The morning Tour, I would definite recommend The morning Tour as The photo opportunities are amazing and you get To see The complete artwork from The viewing platform. In case you have The Time, why not do both, like I did and compare. Don’t forget To dress up in layers, doesn’t matter when you visit, it gets pretty cold in The dessert as soon as The sun goes To bed.

The Field of Light is not The only artwork from Bruce Munro, which can be visited in Uluru. In you stay at The hotel Sails in The dessert, you simply need To look up To The ceiling in The lobby and you will see The Sails in The Desert Light Shower. Light Shower is a sculptural cascading artwork, consisting of delicate shimmering points of light, which represent The idea of stars and raindrops dancing Together.


I felt very lucky To experience This event and although I am only 3 years old, This memory will live forever. In addition I am now without any doubt a big fan of Bruce Munro and I am starting To appreciate art. Good news for all of you who want To visit Field of Light, it has been extended Till 31 December 2020.


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