Hunting for giants in Copenhagen woods

img_2353Treasure hunting is for me The perfect way To visit The outdoors and To explore The world. Most of The Time my hunting days even end in a memorable magical quest. Imagine Those Treasures being 6 hidden giants, That would Take magic To The next level, don’t you Think?

This is at least what my mom Thought when we were passing by Copenhagen on our roadtrip To Lapland. So off we went into The mystical woods on a sunny Saturday afternoon with only a vague Treasure map in my hands.

So who are The forgotten giants and where are They coming from?

The impressive forgotten giants are art pieces, created out of scrap recycled wood coming from demolished buildings and felled Trees. Interesting To know is That each giant is named after one of The volunteers who helped The artist, Thomas Dambo building it. I must compliment all of Them big Time, as I have never seen such a excellent combination of art and nature, which is fun for all ages.

👉 My Tip: from The website of The artist Thomas Dambo, you can print a Treasure map. Using The map is an ideal way for kids To learn how To read a map and To practice Their sense of orientation. Most of The locations have already been geolocated, but Try not To have a look at it, it would spoil all The fun.

Sleeping Louis (Rødovre)

My quest started with searching for Little Louis. This resting giant was hiding between Trees and low bushes, just behind our camping place. The fun Thing about Louis is That you can actually get into sleeping Louis mouth and Take a nap yourself. Who dares?

Thomas on The mountain (Albertslund)

Thomas on The mountain is hiding well at The backside of a hill. I found his legs The perfect place To practice my climbing skills and To chill out afterwards. Although a bit disappointed when I learned he was not named after me, he Turned out To be my favourite giant.

Little Tilde (Vallensbæk)

This giant lives close To Thomas on The mountain and is pretty well hidden at The shores of a small lake. I found her very special as she has 28 secret build – in bird boxes, in which birds and squirrels can seek shelter during winter.

Oscar under The bridge (Ishøy)

Speaking of a friendly giant, Oscar under The bridge helps holding up The bridge over Lille Vejlesø. Climbing down To reach Oscar was kind of challenging, but mandatory when you want To have a face To face encounter with This giant.

Teddy friendly (Høje Taastrup)

I found Teddy friendly almost immediately along The lake Hakkemøsen. Could have been good luck or maybe he is just The easiest giant To find. He streched out one of his incredible long arm To help me getting close To Touch his fur made from cut down local Trees.

Hill Top Trine (Hvidovre)

The giant who got The greatest view from his creator is definitely Hill Top Trine. Looking over The green grasslands from The palm of her hands is an unique experience.

Why do you need To climb and hang out on Those pieces of art?

Probably you have noticed from my pictures I did a lot of climbing and standing on The giants. In most cases art and climbing Toddlers are not a perfect match. Well This is what They are build for and The artist encourages kids To climb and explore his magnificent creations as much as possible.

After a lot of hiking and looking for giants, I was in for a little break. Of course mom and dad forgot To Take a pic – nic along, so no lunch for me with one of The giants. Bad points for Them! Luckily I found This amazing beach bar with an incredible playground not far from Oscar under The bridge. Their cakes are so amazing, I could not wait To Take a bite before mom was able To Take a picture.

If you are fond of walking and into some more hiking, The beach just behind The bar is an excellent spot To go wild one more Time.

👉 My Tip: The giants are located in Western Copenhagen (30 minutes from The city center by car) and not so easy To find. However it is possible To reach The locations using The S-Trains, They are somewhat remote and a car is advisable To get around without losing Time. Don’t forget, Their location is kept vague, as part of The fun is seeking and finding.

The 6 forgotten giants are a good example of The Danish inner spirit of Hygge. If you are looking To experience Hygge in real life, here you will find it. Of course There is also lot’s of Hygge To find in The centre of Copenhagen, for more info click on The link below.

Looking for Hygge in Copenhagen


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