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October has always been my favourite month, because as you can guess I’am a big fan of Halloween. I’m always in for a spooky surprise, heaps of hocus pocus or crashing a big monster party. No surprise Then That I was super exited To go on a Disneyland Paris Halloween Trip.

Disneyland Paris is fun no matter when you go, They always have something special To celebrate. This being said, They do a very good Halloween celebration. It’s a big Thing and no efforts are spared To bring The Halloween magic into The park with beautiful Halloween decoration and villains lurking around every corner. Disney Halloween is also suitable for all ages, using The Disney Theme Halloween it never becomes Too spooky or Too Terrifying. So parents, don’t be alarmed The park doesn’t Transform into classic horror, but rather into a family friendly mysterious place with a little Twist of spooky. As much as Halloween sound scary for The little ones, all kids seemed fine To me with all of The Disney Halloween festivities.

Are you brave enough To Take a peek?

Spooky Halloween decorations

As soon as you enter The Disney gates and start strolling Through The park The Halloween celebration begins. You will find a bewitched Main Street and Town Square filled with pumpkins and cute little ghosts. Take your Time To explore This part as This place is perfect for a Disney Halloween photo.

Although main streets looks Terrific during The halloween season, my favourite place is Frontierland in Disneyland Park. Apart from The fact That it hosts most of The spooky attractions, like The Big Thunder Mountain and The Phantom Manor, The Halloween decoration in This place is always very enchanting. There are lot’s of fun pumpkins scarecrows and ghostly scenes. In addition The spooky lanterns give This place an orange glow when The sun sets, very Halloween if you aks me.

👉 My Tip: When entering Disneyland Park, check out The daily programme That you can find at City Hall. The program changes regularly and The leaflet comes in handy when you want To know when and where all The spooky celebrations are Taking place.

Scary meet and Greets

Halloween at Disneyland Paris means activities and characters get out of control. Special characters like evil creatures and fangtastic monsters are added To The classic Theme for some exiting and rare meet and greet opportunities. Also The regular ones put on Their scariest Halloween costume. If you dare become face To face with The Disney villains, They will amuse you with some unforgettable cheerful encounters. I enjoyed catching up with The queen of hearts while she was chasing children in The park, hooking up with Captain Hook and greeting The evil of all evil, Dart Vader. They all did Their best To look extra scary.

I also noticed That for The occasion Donald Duck was’t himself anymore. You could see That all The kids just loved his fantastic Halloween costume and wanted To have a selfie with The evil Duckie.

When it’s Halloween The magnificent Maleficent makes a daily appearance at The castle courtyard. For The occasion, This place was Transformed into a mysterious venue with a briar bush shaped as a dreadful dragon. She was an absolutely amazing character To meet. Her little show she put’s on while signing your book is excellent for children and very funny. Even if you don’t want To get in line for a personal meet and greet it’s still fun To watch her for a few moments. Oh just for your information, if you visit The castle There’s a beautiful stained glass window of Maleficent on The first floor!

Another character not To be missed during Halloween is Jack Skellington. Looking like he’s coming straight from The movie Nightmare before Christmas, The pumpkin king does a marvellous job Taking Time for a little chat with all of his guests.  The photo Location, in The shadow of The haunted phantom manor and in The middle of it’s garden surrounded by dead plants, is just brilliant.

👉 My Tip: Be aware The queues can be a little longer Than usual, especially for The Halloween special characters. Take some snacks To entertain The kids.

👉 My Tip: For a meet and greet with some of The characters you will need To make a reservation Through The Lineberty application. Make sure you make your reservation immediately when The clock Ticks opening Time, as Tickets can sell out in only a few seconds.

Fun attractions To do during Halloween

No kids are alike, some kids brave Thrilling rides and some not, so watch out for The scary dark rides. Some attractions wont be suitable for all kids due To The loud noises and dark pathways which will scare The hell out of Them. I advise parental discretion as To weather a specific attraction is suitable for your kids. I had To Take a stroll Trough The dark castle dungeon first so my mum could see how I reacted before I was allowed going on one of Disney’s dark scary rides. Don’t forget, once you’re one of Those rides, There’s no way back and although Thrill is part of Halloween, it’s no fun for The kids To become Traumatised and missing out on a fun day in Disneyland Paris.


I have listed 6 attractions which gave me a real Halloween feeling, but of course There’s much more. The first Three are suitable for all ages.

✓ Meet The dragon under The castle (La Tanière du Dragon Disneyland Park)

Disneyland Paris is The only Disney park To feature a huge mythical beast under its enchanting castle. A massive, simmering dragon with big Teeth is waiting for Those kids who are brave enough To enter The dragons lair. How very cool! This dragon is one of The largest animatronics ever created and is Truely unique in The world. It’s so good That I was almost fooled a real dragon was living under The castle. Is’t This The Perfect Halloween activity.

✓ Pirate Galleaon ship, Adventure Isle and White skull rock (Disneyland Park)

Although These are not rides in Themselves, They are fabulous attractions The younger kids can enjoy and will give Them The Halloween Touch and feel without being overly scary. Explore The network of scary caves where you will find Treasures, skeletons and cascading waterfalls. It’s an ideal spot for The little ones To fulfil Their fantasy of being a pirate on an adventure. Don’t forget To go behind The waterfalls while running Through The scary caves, it’s my absolute favourite.

✓ Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups (Disneyland Park)

Accept The Mad Hatter’s invitation and pour yourself into on of The oversized Teacups for a festive swirl. Although The Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups are not intended as a scary attraction, The beautiful coloured lanterns and Their orange glow will put you in The right mood for Halloween. Try To do This attraction when it’s dark To get out The most of it.

✓ Phantom manor (Disneyland Park)

This iconic attraction, has plenty spooky surprises for The kids. Dusty cobwebs cover every inch of The manor and all plants in The garden died. Creep Through The creepy doors of The manor after a cast member dressed as a macabre servant opens The door and invites a small group of guests To enter a new dimension. After That Take a dark ride Through The Portrait corridor, Madame Leota’s Seance room and The ballroom while you’re Told The legend of The manor. A ghostly wedding and singing Grim Grinning Ghosts are just a few of The spooky Things you will get To see.

✓ Pirates of The Caribbean (Disneyland Park)

Plunge with your boat Through The moonlit lagoon down a waterfall into dimly cavernous passages until you reach The depths of an underground grotto known as Dead Man’s Cove. Help Jack Sparrow find his Treasure while on The lookout for skeletons, drunken pirates and violent Tropical Thunderstorms. I loved The wicked wench pirate ship and The bombarding of The fort scene, with splashing water everywhere.

✓ The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Disney Studio’s)

This is The ultimate scary ride. After you walk along a cracked, curved pathway That leads To The hotel, you enter a lobby covered in dust and draped with cobwebs. Excellent for Halloween. Then you get into a spooky elevator Together with a group of guests. The elevator will rise and while undergoing a series of drops To darker depths The story of The Tower is Told. Prepare To scream. I absolutely loved The dropping element, but found The story a little bit Too spooky. Although my mom didn’t Think it was suitable for a five year old and maybe she was right, I was enjoying living To Tell about This Tale To my friends at school.

Watch one of The Disney’s spooktacular parades or shows

Disney’s parades and shows are always wonderfull aren’t They? The characters are so engaging and do Their utmost best To entertain young and old. It’s especially worth watching a show or parade during The Halloween festivities. Mickey and Their friends all have wonderful Halloween costumes and zombies dance The streets. During your visit you must at least see The parade once, so find a good spot nice and early, To enjoy The best view.

See Ursula The sea villain for a spooky show alongside Mickey Anne friends. With life music, dancing characters putting Their best Tricks forward in The show, This is a fun activity for all ages.

Illumination show

When The day comes To an end everybody gathers around The Sleeping beauty castle To watch The word famous Disney Illumination Show. During Halloween season The fairytale castle becomes a hounded scene, featuring scary characters and parts from different classic Disney movies. This is definitely part of The Halloween attractions you don’t want To miss. The lighting show and The fireworks are Top notch and keep on going for a long Time. It was surreal and The perfect ending of a spooky day.

Dress up and Transform yourself into a creepy crawly

A Halloween celebration is not complete without a dressing up party. When I found out That children could dress up (adults can only during The specific Halloween soirée), I was definitely going To do This. This being said, I though dressing up as Mickey would be scary enough To scare of all The villains. I worked pretty wel.


As you could read, There’s plenty of festive fun To enjoy a wonderful Halloween with The kids. However, If you want more, on The night of Halloween Disneyland Paris organises a Mickey’s Halloween Party. During This popular event many rides are open till 1 am, providing a special experience in The dark. Unfortunately The park is extremely busy during This event and maybe staying up This late is not very practical for The younger ones. If They’re not up To it, don’t worry, The classic Halloween program will entertain The kids already beyond Their wildest Halloween dreams. The festivities run from late September/ beginning of October Till early November, so plenty of Time To plan your ultimate Halloween experience.

Happy Halloween, see you in spooktacular wonderland if you dare!


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