Anybody wants To visit my home country? Although Tiny as a shoe it has much To offer from many beautiful cities To amazing beaches and forests.

Historical cities like Mechelen, Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges and Mons have much To offer To young toddlers. There are many science centres, aquarium and castles. You want To be a knight or a princess for one day, visit Steen Castle in Antwerp or the Castle of Beersel. You rather want To become an astronaut, no problem at all, at the Redu Space Center you will get prepared to get launched. Discover the music instruments museum or visit the comic book museum, both located in Brussels. On a rainy day you can discover new science Techniques in Technopolis, The science museum for all ages in Mechelen, or The Sea Fife centre in Sea Bruges.

The Belgian coast and The Belgian Ardennes are also very suitable for a short or a longer holiday. The regions of Wallonia and Flanders differ in atmosphere, culture and language spoken. All very existing for a toddler like me That is eager To learn.

Belgium is also famous for its food. While your parents will have a good beer and a steak with French fries (our traditional meal by the way), you can scoop some chocolates or ice cream. Or ice cream with chocolate, even better. Luckily Belgium has also many good Italian restaurants, as I am a big lover of pasta with pesto Topped with a lot of parmesan cheese.