My First Country

My story starts when I was Three months old and I was travelling for The first Time in an airplane To Cape Town, South Aftica. A long journey but Totally worth it. In Belgium it was winter, however I was sunbading in my little UV Tent, spending most of my Time outdoors.


I was lucky, amazing fresh fruit was available for my first fruit smoothy, although I did not appreciate it at The Time. I felt so happylicious, you can not imagine. New environment, meeting new people, fresh air and beautiful sandy beaches became The basis of my Travel addiction.

Other endeavours

A few years later and after a second visit To South Africa, I have added some great destinations and experiences To my list and still counting.

  • Visiting The Eifel Tower in Paris
  • Lobster catching in Bretagne
  • Spring break in Krakow
  • Wine and dine in Italy
  • Skiing in Gerlos
  • The Swiss alps by Cabrio
  • Summer in Tirol
  • Christmas at Kew Gardens
  • Following The Paddington Trail in London
  • Bremen and Hamburg
  • Hugging the Berlin Bears
  • Going down under To Australia
  • Cuddle The Tasmanian devils in Tasmania

My favourite country

Hard to choose, very hard… South Africa will always be my old time favourite. The food is amazing, you can eat lobster and all sorts of fish every day. The culture is fantastic, I love the different neighbourhoods and their local markets. Even more I like their language, Afrikaans is like Dutch with 300 years of sunshine.


A man needs always a back up plan so hereby I choose Austria is my second favourite country. Great in summer and even more fantastic in during the winter season. Everything is so child friendly and the cable cars are splendid. They also have so many great playgrounds, some of them you can only reach by…cable car.


Future plans

When I have The Time, and I am a very busy little fellow Traveling around most of my Time, I will share some of my greatest stories with you. The list of my endeavors is already long but There is more to come. If you want To know more about The Travels below, you definitely need to pay me another visit in The nearby future:

  • Biking in Amsterdam
  • City Tripping and Toy shopping in Hong Kong
  • Road Trip To The Great Barrier Reef
  • Kicking off winter in Moskow
  • Celebrating new year in Iceland
  • Skiing in Gerlos part 4

Exiting isn’t it?

My own bucket list

And of course I have fantasies and my own bucket list. Just have a look at it below:

  • A return Trip To Berlin To hug some more bears
  • Legoland (including The lego shop) in Denmark
  • Spot The cherry blossoms in Japan
  • Visit The polar bears in Spitsbergen

So many Things To do – Ready – Set – Go !!!