If Toddlers hear The words France or Paris They immediately Disneyland Paris in mind. However going To Disneyland is quite exiting There are much other great experiences France has To offer.

Disneyland Paris – The complete guide for a visit with Toddlers

Even Paris, which is not knows as The most friendly city of The world can amuse me with a ride up the Eiffel Tower or a ride on one of The many carousels. While you are in The city of light, yep That is how people call it, make sure you have Tasted some their incredible pastries. macaroons are so yummmmmmm!

Explore Paris in 24 hours

Another Thing for which France is famous are its castles. You may call it castle overload, because There is a castle To visit for each day of The year. More history is waiting for you at the coast of Normandy and its World War II stories. If you are in Normandie try some of Their great shellfish.

More into boats then history, no problem go more south, visit Antibes and watch The boats of The rich and famous.