Happy learning

A wise lady once said to me: if you need To choose between a new Toy or a holiday, choose The holiday. Despite The fact That I am very much attached To my toys, I Think she was right. One day I will outgrow my Toys but I will never outgrow the exiting holiday memories I have. Already now I am changed by The experience. I have a greater capacity and skill set Than when I would sit in front of Television or play with my building blocks. Do not understand me wrong, I do watch Television from Time To Time as There is no bigger fan of Peter Rabbit Than me. Building blocks are also part of The Toys collection and often used. But there is no better play Than going on a real adventure. Traveling makes me dream, dream big and triggers my imagination. It is The world That is my ultimate development Tool, not my Toys.

I can understand and speak 4 different languages, Dutch, French, English and German. My Italian is ok, but not great, so I do not put it on my list yet. In addition I can easily count till twenty in four different languages. I know all about different types of airplaines, boats, trains and other machinery. Exotic animals have no secrets for me anymore.

Learning is also about food. After a great meal I am always happier and more enjoyable. Although I am quite picky on my food, I try to make it work Tasting new flavors an adapting to new habits, like how eat with sticks. Yep that was a real challenging one!