Anyone a big fan of Trains? Switserland has some of the most amazing panoramic Train rides, with views of glaciers and snow covered peaks. Some of Trains go where no car can Take you.

In case you Travel by car put away That Ipad or Tablet. Instead enjoy The scenic drives around The lakes, explore small villages and watch out for The many castles you will see from The road. As I am king in my own castle I always want To explore The castles of all The former great kings, queens, prinses and princesses.

Switserland is also a country of striking nature. Go hiking, climb a mountain and watch The cows grazing. Thinking of all Those cows, swiss ice cream is delicious.

Except its stunning nature, Switserland is great for upgrading your language skills. Say Bonjour in Geneva, Guten tag in Zurich and Ciao in Lugano.

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