Ceci n’est pas une pomme


Are your parents also into museums and exhibitions? Well mine definitely are. Lucky for me They choose Their places of interests wisely and most of Them are child friendly or at least child proof. In the summer of 2017 we visited the Magritte Experience, an exhibition about The life of The famous and mysterious Belgian painter and artist, Réné Magritte. The exhibition was installed on The beach, which made it both interesting and fun for a kid my age.

I explored The magic of art, while I was allowed to run around freely and had some refreshing drinks at The bar.

I learned That Réné Magritte became famous by displaying ordinary objects, giving Them a new meaning. Ceci nest pas une pipe (“This is not a pipe”) sounds a little bit contradictory when you see a picture of a giant pipe. The picture my dad Took of me and my mum on The pipe only reflects the image of my, my mum and The pipe. All very confusing, but at The end I got The message.


The highlight for me was The walk through Magritte’s paintings in virtual reality. We had To go into a giant bowler on The beach where we received some funny virtual reality glasses. Once I was installed, I went on an incredible journey Through The surreal world of Réné Margitte. When I looked up I saw birds in The sky, Magritte’s birds. I floated over cliff  and mountain edges and up and out a hollow Tree. A real Top attraction I must say and my first virtual reality experience.

People who know me are well aware of The fact That I am not very fond of painting or colouring. I have To do it often at school and I do not perform The act voluntarily. Delighted I was when I found out That at This exhibition I could make my own painting just by posing. The best part is That I created not just a painting, but a real painting of Little T. All this without any effort. For kids who were up for The real stuff, The art Tent provided all the attributes and equipment To make your own Magritte masterpiece. All kids That participated received a well deserved diploma.

Great fun I had at The Magritte’s labyrinth, a giant cube in which you could disappear in The clouds, leaving your parents behind. The idea is fabulous for kids, but it can drive your parents nuts, for Them not knowing when and if you will come out again. My mom was is shock when my dad pointed out at The sign, which stated: ‘Activity for children from the age of 6 and above. This attraction will approximately take 6 till 10 minutes.’ Too late as I was already gone. Not yet 3 years old, I finished it in 3 minutes. My parents were relieved They did not had to ask The organisers for the key of The cube with the risk being accused of bad parenting.

After This moment of excitement I discovered The lovely gift shop. Merchandise always plays an important role in The experience. My mum and dad do not always agree with That statement. However This Time They were convinced I deserved an amazing story book about The life of Mister Magritte, written by my favourite writer, Leo Timmers.


There was not only fun at The beach.  The casino of Knokke, which is located just at the other side of The road, gave during The Magritte exhibition access To The biggest Magritte painting That exists in The entire world. A 300 square meter work of art which reflects The surreal world of Magritte. In addition visitors were treated with a 15 minutes sound and light show, which explained every item in This amazing creation.

After The exhibition my mum asked me which piece of art That caught my eye. I did not had To Think twice, it were without any doubt Magritte’s 🍎 🍏. Al least now I know that This is not an apple.


So get ready To explore some exiting exhibitions. However The Magritte Experience was a temporary expose, I am confident That you will find many other interesting places where your creativity will be stimulated.


Little T

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