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img_5813-1I have To admit Toddlers are not The easiest clients To satisfy when it comes To our food. We complain easily about The Temperature of The food, The colour of The food and The fact That it is not entirely what we expected it To be. Luckily for me, The Danish kitchen is very known for its outstanding quality and many of The restaurants and café’s have special children’s menus. So There was no better place for me To go on a real food journey Than down Town Copenhagen. The city of Copenhagen is of course filled with Thousands of restaurants and café’s, it constantly changes what is The best or The newest, so with only 4 days in The city I couldn’t Try out my entire To do list. Have a look at my choices and find out more recommended places which I will Test next Time when I am back.

Traditional Danish food

If you visit Copenhagen, Trying some Traditional Danish food is a must Do for kids. There are my great places That still offer real Traditional Danish food, but My mom heard from The locals That ‘Det lille Apotek’ is The place To be. The oldest restaurant in Town does not offer specific children dishes but There is so much on The menu That children will please. Try some of The Traditional dishes such as:

  • Smørrebrød – Danish rye bread with cold cuts and other toppings.
  • Stegt flæsk med persillesovs – fried pork with white parsley sauce.
  • Hakkebøf med bløde – ground beef steak with fried soft onions, potatoes and The Traditional brown cream sauce.

Choosing is always loosing and This is The reason why ‘Det Lille Apotek’ offers specific menus which includes 5 To 8 small dishes, in order for you To Try The most famous Danish specialities.

If you are more into The new nordic style of food, Höst is a great place. Höst is a very beautiful restaurant and a very known name. However They only offer Two fix menus without having a children’s menu. The experience is more about The Tastes Than about The food itself and we read from several reviews They are not so flexible in The menu regarding very young children. Maybe something To Take into consideration when you have To make a choice. I keep This one on my list for my next visit when I am a bit older.

Thematic restaurants

Mon and dad are not so much into Thematic restaurants. Often The food is of lower quality and it’s always overcrowed. However on each Trip They do a real effort To find as The call it ‘ The least Terrible’ option as They know I really enjoy Them.

  • Sporvejen

I am a big fan of Trains, Trams and subways so imagine how cool it was for me To have dinner on a real Tram. Sporvejen is a restaurant where you actually sit in an old Tram carriage from The old Copenhagen line 14. You have To come here To Try one of Their delicious burgers. For The kids, all The ingredients come separately on The plate, so you can make your own burger, leaving out what you don’t like That much. This is definitely The most special burger restaurant I have ever been.

  • Tang

Located inside Den Blå Planet, Tang restaurant is in particularly nice. The restaurant faces The open sea and offers a great children’s menu, offering mostly healthy food options. The type of food which is offered is Traditional gourmet Danish style and I could hear mom and dad commenting That prices are very reasonable. Whatever you decide To order, don’t forget To include a portion of The sweet potato fries, They are so incredibly yummy.

  • Grøften

Grøften is The oldest restaurant in The oldest Theme park Tivoli Garden. Offering a great children’s menu, I adored This place. The pasta with meat sauce is an absolute must for The kids. Coloring material comes right up as soon as you are settled at your Table.

Other great options are:

  • Café on The Top floor of The Post and Tele museum, with amazing views over The surroundings.
  • Gasoline grill, eat a burger at a petrol station. This restaurant is considered as one of The best burger joints in The world.
  • Pirateriet Tivoli, dress up as a real pirate in one of Tivoli’s most famous restaurant. The restaurant is located in a 100 Ton replica of a Danish frigate floating on Tivoli’s lake. We didn’t visit This place as lately They have received rather negative reviews, but It looks like a really cool place for The kids.

Hang out with The locals

When you are visiting a city it is always best To go where The locals go.

The union kitchen is famous for its Danish balls. Meatballs, veggy balls, salmon balls, chicken balls, balls as far as The eye can see, served in Tapas style is something all kids can appreciate.

in Absalon guests get Together To eat and enjoy activities in an informal surrounding. This informal based café is a real hangout for young and old.

Food markets

Food markets are definitely The go To place for kids. I visited Torvehallerne, which is a great indoor food market, situated conveniently close To our hotel. More Than 80 little shops offer lots of amazing Things To eat and To drink. You can come here for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Wandering around Torvehallerne, I found a real gem, not in The market but just next To it, Un Mercato. They serve The most amazing breakfast and you have a great view from The first floor.

Another great option is The Foodcorner of Illum. Illum is The department store of Copenhagen. Good To know as a kids, is That There is a Hamleys store inside, which my mom and dad kept secret. I wonder why? What I did visit was The foodcorner on The Top floor, where you can basically eat everything, from Italian over Danish To Japanese.

Other great options are:

  • Copenhagen street food market
  • West Market, The biggest food court in Vesterbro.


The city of Copenhagen is filled with cafés and it is Now The way To spend Time in The city for The natives. Most of The year is relatively cold, so you will have no Trouble finding very cosy places where you can sit for hours and look at The people walking and biking Through The city with a warm cup of something in your hands.

  • Laudromat Café

This café is excellent for breakfast. Try Their pancakes or The banana avocado smoothy and if you are really hungry They serve a full breakfast option. After eating This you’ll have fuel for The rest of The day.

  • Almanak

I didn’t Try The food our here but if it is as amazing as Their view, it looks very promising.

  • Far’s Dreng

Excellent for lunch or an afternoon break, The cold chocolate is a must Try!

Other great options are:

  • Paint and chat cafe, go painting while having a fresh orange juice and some nibbles.
  • Cafe miao, eat and drink where cats rule.
  • Bastard Café, where playing board games is The rule, They have more Than 2400!
  • Cafe n 11, excellent option for cakes and home-made tarts.
  • Cafe sweet surrender, known for its great kids play area.


Brunch is also huge in Denmark! Whenever you go out for a meal with someone, it’s as often brunch as dinner. There are loads of cafés and restaurants that make brunch in all kind of variations. So make sure To find a great place To Try brunch at least once as This has become very Danish. Look on The internet or you may steal one of my great spots.

  • Imperial Brasserie by Vesterport for The buffet variety
  • Restaurant at The Top of The Tivoli hotel, which has wonderful views over The city.

Ice cream

Over The last few years a lot of quality ice cream shops have popped out around The city. I felt very fortunate as I am a big ice scream lover. Danish people now Talk about ice cream shops as about gourmet restaurants. One of The best is ParadIS and Ismageriet on Amager beach. The main concept is That only natural food is used and any batch of ice cream is never older Than 24 hours.

Copenhagen is a brilliant city To discover with children and as you could see, They will not be hungry.


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