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img_6360One of my most amazing experiences when visiting Copenhagen was definitely Den Blå Planet. I can already tell you, The largest aquarium of Northern Europe, is not just another aquarium, it is a full scope learning activity for The whole family. It offers you a feeling of actually being underwater with The fish rather Than looking at water Tanks. When I was wandering around, I only saw happy faces and I am not only Talking about myself as I am confident My mom and dad also enjoyed it a lot and learned at least as much as I did.

Set up of The experience

The building is already amazing from The outside with The architecture resembling a giant whale. Visiting on an extremely cold and windy day I did not pay Too much attention To it, but I can imagine in summer Time it is worth To spend some more Time outside admiring The building, The general scenery and The beach.

Once inside The set up is brilliant. I experienced it as a well structured place, offering many learning opportunities for kids combined with funny moments. The journey guided me Through Three completely different sections of wet habitats, all equally exiting.

  • The Northern lakes and seas with its octopuses, red king crabs and star fish. I learned an octopus is as clever as a dog and has nearly 2000 suction cups. Just amazing. He is excellent in hiding and when I was visiting he was playing hide and seek in its little cave, however he was no match for me, busted!

Don’t forget To visit Mojoe and Agnes, Two cute sea otters who really put on a show during my visit. These guys are The best.img_6666

  • The rainforest and Their waters which can be viewed from within The forest from a bridge or from below Through The glass Tanks.

    You want To have an encounter with piranhas, a meet a great with a crocodile or watch one of The most deadly stingrays in The world, everything is possible in This section. Truly amazing are The arapaima’s one of The worlds largest freshwater fish.

  • The open oceans with its beautiful coral reef Tanks and its impressive shark Tank, including an extremely cool feature, The walk Through Tunnel. In here you can see hammer sharks, stingrays and other impressive sea life swimming under, above and next To you.

    Mom had To drag me out of The Tunnel As I enjoyed it a little bit Too much just sitting There, watching The enormous sea creatures glide past. Stingrays and sharks are fed Twice a day so check The feeding program and make sure you don’t miss it.

👍 My Tip: The website offers a full overview of The aquarium in order for you To prepare up front.

👍 My Tip: if your kids are into plane spotting, allow Them some Time outside. The airport is only a five-minute drive a way so They will have a great view on The take off and landing area of The airport.

Interactions and close encounters

There are so many beautiful and interesting Things To see and learn about, just by wandering around. However, I noticed very quickly That entertainment and education goes beyond just looking at The water Tanks. For example Den Blå Planet put a lot of effort in demonstrations, such as life feeding fo sharks, stingray’s, tropical fishes and otters. More into The dissection of a squid, no worries it’s all There.img_6505

Also Touching was an option in The rock pool section. I was Thrilled when I was allowed To Touch crabs, sea stars and other sea creatures in a small open Tank. This Type of encounters and close observations are my favorite and I can imagine it attracts almost all children’s attention. The nice lady Talked me Through what was in The rockpool allowing me To ask as many questions as I wanted.

Playgrounds and other fun stuff

A nice Thing about The aquarium was The free photo boot. Just Take your picture and e-mail it To your e-mail address. I had a lot of fun making funny faces.

Although The photo booth was great, my absolute favorite was The submarine playhouse. I could Try out a lot of features while having a lot of fun. There is only one downside, I was not The only kid enjoying This playhouse so it got overcrowded very fast. It would have been great if There would be more of These playhouses throughout The journey.

Maybe There was only one playhouse but There were more great play areas, like The play kitchen, where I could prepare my own dish of fish. Just choose your Type of fish on The interactive display, slice it up and it ends up at your plate. How conveniently easy!

There is no real inside playground but instead you van visit a small but great play corner in The dedicated inside picnic area. Check out The small fluorescent aquariums and Try To find Nemo.

I was not brave enough This Time due To The cold, but There is a large outdoor play area with many water experiments. This outdoor play area looked excellent for warmer weather.

👍 My Tip: do not forget To bring spare clothing and some UV protection (UV clothing, sunscreen and a hat) as The playground is fully open with only limited shade and close To The water.

Time for a Hygge lunch

Not being a big fan of Theme park restaurants, I found The one inside Den Blå Planet in particularly nice. The restaurant faces The open sea and offers a great children’s menu, offering mostly healthy food options. Most Theme park restaurants offer rather unhealthy fast food, which is quite tasteless, but here it was way better. The type of food is Traditional gourmet Danish style and I could hear mom and dad commenting That prices are very reasonable.

👍 My Tip: a must Try are The sweet potato fries, They are absolutely yummy.

In addition There are Two picnic places where it is possible To eat home brought food. One outside at The open sea facing a great playground and one inside which features a little play corner.

👍 My Tip: The restaurant and picnic areas were packed by noon, be aware and shift your lunch hour a bit forward To avoid standing in a waiting line for more Than half an hour.

Practical info

This aquarium is one of The best I have ever visited, lot’s To see and explore within Too. No doubt any kid will have a great Time. But The practical Tips below can make your visit even more enjoyable:

  • The biggest disadvantage you read in reviews is The admission price. Of course such an infrastructure does not maintain itself but if you are going with a family it will hit your budget hard. Consider buying a Copenhagen card as The admission To The Blå Planet is included, as are many other activities in Copenhagen.
  • The Blå Planet is very accessible by public Transportation from The city centre and The Copenhagen airport. You could even consider a visit in case you have a long layover. A cab will Take you There less Than 5 minutes and it is less Than 15 minutes by metro, including The short easy walk. All is well sign posted so you can’t miss it.
  • Cloak rooms To hang your outerwear are offered for free. However if you want To use The lockers, make sure you have 10 kr coins with you as They do not revert your coin in case you need something out of your locker.
  • The entire exhibit is stroller friendly, lifts and ramps are at your disposal.
  • A free shuttle bus will Take you from The city Centre To The Blå Planet, for This you need To have pre-ordered Tickets or you can also buy your Tickets on The bus.

So in case you ever visit The Blå Planet yourself, which I would highly recommend, have a great fishy visit!


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